I’m a creative director/designer in Atlanta. I’ve always been creative and enjoy bringing ideas to life.

My approach starts with understanding the goal of the design. I have to know the message that needs to be conveyed to the audience.

I pride myself on having the ability to turn my ideas into designs with out having to outsource the talent. On many occasions, I’ve been “the one man show” or “jack of all trades” with outstanding results.  I feel right at home using design software just as much as I do standing behind the camera.

My experience has allowed me to work as a team member and as a creative leader. I have lead teams of designers, coders, writers, and filmmakers to make impeccable work for brands and causes.

A creative team needs a leader who can lead through influence. They need someone to set the tone for a project by articulating the big idea. All of this works best in an environment where it feels safe for even the intern to bring insight to the table.

I have grown to be the leader that can push creative people harder and harder until we make magic!

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